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Карта отеля

Карта отеля


Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо (Grand Nest Hotel Zhuhai), отель расположен в красивой окружающей среде на побережье чжухай - Танг, с одной стороны, море, уникальный пейзаж залива.в отеле есть 217 номеров с личными характеристиками и отличный бизнес - клуб.дизайн отеля, полный личных качеств, моды, теплоты, комфорта, романтики, изящных элементов дизайна, чтобы создать для вас уникальное и уникальное впечатление о комфорте.
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Вопросы и ответы
  • Как далеко этот отель от Zhuhai Airport?

    Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо 43.6km от аэропорта.

  • Предоставляет ли Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо услугу трансфера?

    Нет, в отеле нет службы трансфера.

  • Какое время заезда и выезда в Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо?

    Время заезда: с 12:00, а время выезда: до 12:00 в Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо.

  • Есть ли в Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо бассейн и Занятия по фитнесу ?

    Да. Информацию о бассейне и тренажерный зал и других удобствах вы найдете на этой странице.

  • Eсть ли Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо ресторан?

    Да, вы можете поесть в отеле.

  • Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо Есть ли широкополосный доступ или Wi-Fi?

    Да, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с сотрудниками стойки регистрации отеля для уточнения деталей.

  • Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо Вы принимаете предоплату?

    Примите, пожалуйста, отправьте ваш заказ, прежде чем связаться с нами.

  • Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо Принимать оплату кредитной картой?

    Нет, отель не принимает кредитные карты.

  • Сколько стоит завтрак для Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо?

    завтрак CNY48 / чел.

  • Сколько стоит проживаниe Чжухай Сюйчжоу бухты гнездо?

    Цены начинаются с CNY368, в зависимости от типа номера и даты.

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  • long...
    Room was large, but the decoration is simple, the price is a little expensive
  • benben096
    Location to find, but fewer facilities, some distance to the downtown area service OK rooms, surrounded by sea on two sides, but little hammock for two days, and the next day without two bottles of water, overall okay
  • fsleo
    Very good but the room was not very big breakfast also generally
  • alan198653
    Location. for students excellent facilities very good, girlfriend and imagined a lot. Service is good, but more detail is better. health hope efforts are okay, some dead some dust
  • e00264242
    Very good, good service attitude
  • jiyunmei
    Room big and comfortable, breakfast was great too
  • lianglan2011
    Feel good
  • e00162944
    Room was super, near the roadside
  • lilianxlp003
    Many times live
    Friend hotel is very good, clean, room service very nice.
  • spartan
    Advantages; too romantic, forest hut is warm, in window Qian of hammock Shang Hoang with see sea is enjoy. biography has photos in friends circle many friends are envy have is (including set has Penguin Hotel of are regret, said than here price poor far has) shortcomings; is too remote, near no dinner of place, only a village. equipment actually compared simple, not for pursuit five-star standard of visitors.
  • old3310
    Very unique hotel was the second stay, hotel very convenient for transportation, many of the rooms you can see the ocean, next door is the seafood restaurant, leisure or go to Macau over the better choice.
  • suetsuetcat
    Hotel new soon, very new and very clean, the room was spacious, close to the sea, the environment is also good, eating slightly inconvenience
  • air1357
    Location near in the big Zhuhai campus, door security personnel service good. Hotel non-central air conditioning, double bed room also only to a door card, door needed plug enterprising electric mouth within to switch electrical, as met another a people needed out on problem out has; room facilities compared streamlined, only book Taiwan a put Chair, and book Taiwan didn't distribution lamp, is not convenient; toilet and room no barrier, somewhat inconvenience and not energy-saving; but may is campus better of hotel has.
  • lilpiggy
    Hotel clean, room is big and spacious.
  • erictant
    See a lot of poorly, didn't want to come, can compromise found imagine worse is up and down the stairs a little trouble, be sure to charge down design into the credit card would be nice
  • e00112979
    Clean, sanitary and warm
  • cooliecola
    Hotel is new, is good, service also is good, I is night at 10 o'clock more only staying of, soon on can staying has, a began didn't approach connection to network, contact front desk, soon on has staff up solution has. but hotel front desk can collection more is around tourism of information, after all here is a tourism city, came tourism of we has more of information, wants to understand about xiangzhou terminal of information is was told no, this somewhat regrets! other are is Rod!
  • mjones3
    Location, all within a 15-minute walk around not the lively place, but the hotel is the beach, walking desk, play in the water are very good, hotel was clean, open sea view room, can see a good view of the sea, elevators can only obtain their floors, safe, breakfast very good. high praise
  • alicelvmy
    Tap water stinks, pay for the mess, only several restaurants to eat, leaking rain there is a restaurant for today, next time I'll probably change to a hotel. sheets were not clean.
  • xiaocong0099
    Rooms slightly boring, standard business suite. generally speaking, very tidy.
  • A California sun
    Facing the sea, environment, road transportation is convenient, is staying in the same day, and paint is too heavy. ocean themed rooms, good, recommended.
  • ray1124
    Hotel is very good, right next to God and stacked stone, dinner was very good.
  • dgjan112
    Great location, highly recommended
  • EE55879
    Which is very nice
  • cc_2008
    Room simple
  • raywp
    Beautiful at night, but the hotel General
  • craigcai
    ... Very good
  • realing111
    No matter what is super nice. Marine and forest rooms are very beautiful ~ recommended!
  • CatYan
    Theme rooms good
  • fw07161
    It wasn't too bad
  • auroraptyltd
    Very nice hotel
  • fjljerry
    Hotel lobby is very modern, reception staff friendly, room clean, check in is very good, to later Zhuhai in 'nest' lives.
  • airybird
    Very unique
  • Amy20020401
    Overall impression is good, hotel is too small.
  • e01732894
    Rooms are stylish, eating only eat in the hotel, or on my way to the University
  • angiessss
    Very nice hotel, although they are only staying one night, next time stay. opposite the beach. from the bus station are also near. go to Zhuhai city.
  • lawyer ma
    Farther in the urban area, a very good environment.
  • nwlyb
    Number of rooms at the, no more comments, very good
  • brownmeng
    Environment is very good
  • owen12325976
    I stayed at this hotel for several months, overall good. is the room to take it seriously. do not use the towel to wipe the toilet, washbasin. see this feeling to feel a little overwhelmed. room and bathroom smell best to clean it up.
  • Rinayan
    A nice hotel near, next to
  • juliusguo
    Business environment in General, cold water pressure
  • leo.pei
    Booked a sea view common on the Internet, but went to the front desk and say no, is a rip-off
  • diguaaitudou
    Hotel very unique
  • freeperson163
    Where price and quality as expected, no complaint and there is nothing surprising, price and quality, as expected, no complaint and there is nothing surprising, price and quality, as expected, no complaint and there is nothing surprising
  • e00734018
    Front desk was very humorous, elegant room, great!
  • alex1865
    Very comfortable, service was good
  • annasunny
    All right
  • feeddragon
    Hotel is quiet a bit far